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Meet The Team

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Dr. Jeremy Walsh

Lab Director

Dr. Walsh’s research is focused on investigating the mechanisms by which daily behaviours (physical activity, diet, screen time, sleep and cognitive stimulation) impact brain function. The overarching goal of this research is to apply this knowledge to develop interventions that optimize brain health across the lifespan. Dr. Walsh’s research is particularly interested in characterizing how exercise increases the neuroactive hormone brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), and investigating the effect of BDNF on brain function. The primary measurement outcomes of this research are: 1) measuring neuroactive hormones in the blood, 2) assessing cognitive function, 3) measuring cerebral blood flow.

Graduate Students

Keegan Nhan

MSc Candidate

Keegan is a recent McMaster Life Sciences graduate with a major in biology and minor in psychology. Keegan is currently a master’s student in Dr. Walsh’s lab and began his studies in the fall of 2021. In his free time, Keegan enjoys reading books, watching the latest Marvel superhero shows, and working out.

Aedan Rourke

MSc Candidate

Starting in September 2022

Claudia Yong

MSc Candidate

Starting in September 2022

Fourth Year Thesis Students

jared head shot_edited_edited.jpg

Jared So

katriel head shot.jpg

Katriel Read

Luke Photo_edited.jpg

Luke Nguyen

Jamie Mateseje.jpg

Jamie Mataseje


Third Year Research Interns

David Walker, Thesis Student (2021-2022)

Paige Cheveldayoff, Research Intern (2022)

Rivka Ohayon, Research Intern (2022)

Sehely Rahman, Thesis Student (2021-2022)

Kaitlyn Lee, NSERC USRA Student (2021)

Hashim Baloch, Research Intern (2020-2021)

Hooriya Masood, Research Intern (2020-2021)

Megan Dean, Research Intern (2020-2021)

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