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Congrats to our 4th Year Thesis Students!

Congratulations to Claudia Yong, David Walker, and Sehely Rahman for successfully completing their 4th year undergraduate thesis projects! All three students navigated the research process with excitement, critical thinking, and resilience in the face of the ever-changing human research landscape due to COVID19.

As well, a massive thank-you to everyone involved in these projects, especially Jennifer Williams and Josh Cherubini from the Vascular Dynamics Lab at McMaster.

Below are the titles of the respective projects:

Claudia Yong

The Relationship Between Physiological Markers of Stress and Mood in

Oral Contraceptive Users

David Walker

Effect of training status on cognition after an acute bout of one night partial sleep deprivation

Sehely Rahman

The effect of acute isometric handgrip exercise on reaction time and working memory in young, healthy adults


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