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Lab Members Present at ACSM

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Geoff Coombs, Claudia Yong and Aedan Rourke presented at the ACSM conference in Denver this past June.

Claudia presented data from her fourth year thesis project. This project examined the associations of cardiorespiratory fitness with mood ratings in young healthy women using different generations of oral contraceptives. They found that higher cardiorespiratory fitness was associated with better ratings of mood regardless of contraceptive status.

Meanwhile, Aedan presented a thematic poster from his recent pilot work with exogenous ketone supplements in the lab. He is currently examining how different doses of the ketone supplements impact cerebral blood flow, blood gases, and cognitive function. His Master's project will continue to investigate this over the next year.

Geoff, a post-doctoral fellow in the lab, presented a poster at ACSM on cognitive data that was collected as part of a collaboration with Dr. Maureen MacDonald’s lab. Jem Cheng conducted an 8-week study for her PhD thesis to determine the vascular effects of exercise, lower leg heating, or a combination of the two. They found that none of the interventions measurably changed cognitive function.

This was a great opportunity for everyone in the lab. Thank you to the organizing committee and everyone who made this conference a success!


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